Frequently Asked Questions About the Platinum Plus Dental Plan

Q. Is this an insurance plan?

A. It’s not dental insurance. It’s better. This is a discount plan and can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Q. Can I enroll family members?

A. Yes. All immediate family members can join for a low family rate of $169 and everyone receives the SAME benefits!

Q. Am I restricted to one location?

A. No. You can use any location listed on our provider list.

Q. Can this be used with insurance?

A. Yes. This plan can be used for non-covered procedures in conjunction with insurances.

Q. Do I need a referral for a specialist?

A. No. You may go to any of our participating specialists. Find a general dentist, cosmetic dentist, orthodontist, oral surgeon or endodontist within our network.

Q. What if I have more questions regarding my plan?

A. Email us at [email protected], contact the office most convenient to you with any questions or call 1-844-976-4537 to be connected to your closest participating provider.

Q. Where is my most convenient location?

A. Click on the Find a Dentist list at the top of the page for a map and directions to all of our participating providers.

Q. How soon can I use the plan?

A. Immediately. It’s not dental insurance. It’s better. Platinum Plus Dental Plan customers can use their plans immediately, with no waiting. You will receive a temporary ID at the completion of the application. This Temporary ID can be used at any of the plan’s providers. You can see a dentist as soon as you have an appointment. Sometimes members join a plan and use it the very same day.

If you have a dental emergency, schedule an appointment by calling our call center and start using your plan upon appointment. Inform your provider of your dental emergency when you call for an appointment.

Q. How much can I save using the plan?

A. With the plans we offer, you save 15% – 60% on dental work. Your exact savings depends on the plan you have and the work being done.

Q. Can I see what I am going to pay at the dentist office?

A. Platinum Plus Dental Plan enables you to see a full fee schedule even before you become a member of a plan.

Q. What does it cost to join a dental plan?

A. Cost of membership is based on how many members you include in your plan. 1 member costs $99.00 per year. 2-7 members costs $169.00 per year. 8-14 members costs an $70.00 additional per year. Click here to learn more.

Q. What is your refund policy?

A.We are very confident that you will be satisfied with your dental plan membership. However, in the event that you are not satisfied, we offer the following refund policy:You can cancel in 30 days and receive a full refund.

Q. How do discount dental plans work?

A. Discount dental plans are a simple way to save money on dental work. A dental plan member goes to a dentist in the provider network and pays much less for the work being done.

Q. How long does it take to sign up?

A. It takes about 5 minutes to become a member, either online or over the phone. We only need some basic information and payment to get your plan started.

Q. Who can I include in my plan?

A. Any immediate family members living in your household can be included.

Q. When will I get a card?

A. You will receive your permanent ID cards in about 5 to 10 business days. Bring in your email receipt for appointments if you have not received your card yet.

Q. How many times a year can I have my teeth cleaned?

A. Unlimited! You can have your teeth cleaned as often as you wish.

Q. How can I find a provider?

A. Click here to find a dental provider.

Q. Can I use my discount dental plan with another Dental Plan?

A. You may use Platinum Plus Dental Plan to save money on services that your dental insurance does not cover. A second way many members use our discount dental plan is to reduce their costs on their dental procedures after hitting their annual maximum on their dental insurance.